The arrival of the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to deck your door with a beautiful wreath. Whether you adore the fragrance of fresh evergreen boughs or relish regal gilded feathers, there is a wreath for every season and style. Even an austere leaf wreath can be revamped into something whimsical and creative. With a few simple embellishments, you can transform a plain

handmade wreath into one with festive flair. Hannah Milman, Martha Stewart Living holiday and crafts editor, says one of the quickest and easiest ways to change a green wreath's appearance is to turn it a wintry white. Working in a well-ventilated area, place a wreath in a shallow box, and lightly coat with artificial snow spray, carefully following label directions. Spray a heavier layer on top of the wreath where snow would naturally accumulate on branches, and let dry. (Keep flocked wreaths out of reach of children and pets.)

Hannah also recommends wiring bells to the wreath form or adorning the wreath with strings of cranberries and popcorn -- colorful and edible materials that, if placed outdoors, will attract wildlife. To festoon a wreath with a garland, wrap the garland around a paddle and then wind it around the wreath; secure with florist's wire.

If you're searching for other creative ways to fashion a festive wreath, there are a myriad of merry, Martha-approved options for every occasion.

Wood Flower Wreath

Simple and streamlined, this wood flower wreath has a delightfully earthy aesthetic.

Sweetgum Fruit Wreath

Craft a seasonal sweetgum fruit wreath in a snap with this quick how-to.

Bittersweet Autumn Wreath

Burnt orange, red, and yellow mingle in this beautiful, bittersweet wreath.

Pussy Willow Wreath

Pussy willow catkins lend this lovely wreath textural intrigue.

Glitter Berry Wreath

Give your wreath some razzle dazzle with glitzy, glittering berries.

Nut Wreath

Crack on through the winter season with a nut wreath fit to be eaten.

Lustrous Wreath

Artificial flora adorns this verdant wreath.

Pinecone-Studded Wreath

Add visual interest to a plain evergreen wreath by adding pops of pinecone.

Harvest Wreath

Cornhusks give this neutral wreath a sweet and sophisticated kick.

Fall Foliage Wreath

Capture the vibrant verve of autumn with this lush wreath, composed of faux fall foliage.

Feather Wreath

Set guests' hearts aflutter with a feathered wreath.

Pinecone Wreath

This rustic wreath unites fallen pinecones and a light dusting of snow for a welcoming feel.

Gold Wreath

Gild your front door with a metallic wreath befitting a glamorous holiday season.

Monogram Wreath

Designate your door with a verdant mongram wreath.

Dried Corn Wreath

Embrace harvest season with a richly hued corn husk wreath.

Candy Wreath

Indulge in your sweet toothe with a wreathe crafted out of your favorite treats.

Laurel Wreath

Simple and streamlined, this metallic and emerald laurel wreath is a timeless treasure.

Autumn Wreath

Greet the arrival of autumnal hues in style with a wreath that captures the beauty of fallen leaves.

Fragrant Wreath

Create a wreath that doubles as an aromatic nosegay with fragrant laurel.

Mussel Shell Wreath

Instead of tossing empty mussel shells in the trash after a seafood spread, transform them into a beautifully beachy wreath.



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