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Ultrasuede Tissue Pouch

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Resources: We used Ultrasuede from Field's Fabrics, 616-455-4570.


  • Scissors

  • Ultrasuede in various colors

  • Tissue pouch template

  • Adhesive, such as Fabri-Tac

  • Glue

  • Button

  • Scalloped edgers


  1. Cut a 6-by-7-inch piece of ultrasuede. Print the tissue pouch template and cut out the shapes.

  2. For the sandpiper design, start with a different color of ultrasuede, trace the shape of the bird's body and feather on it, and cut out. Apply a dab of adhesive to the back of the body and glue onto the center of the large piece of ultrasuede.

  3. Glue wing to the body and a small button to the head for an eye.

  4. Topstitch a single line along the center of the wing; topstitch two straight lines for the legs.

  5. Fold in the long ends of the piece so they meet in the middle and secure in place with a bit of tape. Don't use pins, as they leave permanent holes.

  6. Topstitch along each short end with scalloped edgers.

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