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Handkerchief Nursery Pillow

Source: Martha Stewart Baby, Volume 7 2003


Use one hankie and a piece of cotton fabric to sew a decorative cover for a baby's room.


  • Two 7-inch-square pieces of white cotton broadcloth

  • 7-inch square of polyester fill

  • One 10-inch-square plain hankie or cotton broadcloth

  • One 8-inch-square hankie


  1. Stitch the two 7-inch cotton squares together on three sides, and turn inside out. Slip polyester fill into pouch, then tuck raw edges of opening under, and stitch to close.

  2. For the cover, cut the 10-inch-square hankie in half, pin a 1/2-inch hem on each rectangle, and sew. To make an envelope opening on the back, pin one rectangle on the hankie, right sides facing with the hem in the center. Sew around outer edges. Lay the second rectangle on the other half of the hankie, and stitch in place. (The rectangles will overlap a bit in the center.) Turn inside out, and slip pillow in through opening in the back.

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