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Keukenhof Bulb Garden

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What began in the fifteenth century as a humble plot intended to keep a countess's kitchen supplied with fresh herbs has become the premiere bulb display garden in all of Holland. The Keukenhof bulb garden in Lisse, Holland, underwent its first transformation in the eighteenth century, when landscapers carefully arranged beech trees, a manmade lake, and winding paths into a park. In 1945, professional bulb dealers planted a heavy concentration of the best bulb varieties, allowing potential customers to examine the range of available blooms. Today, the garden is only open for eight weeks out of the year, when it draws from fifteen to twenty thousand visitors a day. As these visitors stroll along the paths, they're greeted at every turn by a dazzling array of colors from flowers such as daffodils and tulips. Gardeners remain busy throughout the blooming season removing hundreds of spent flowers each day - a task that not only gives the garden a uniform beauty, but also helps the bulbs retain energy for next year.

Cornelis Warmenhoven

Bulb grower

Postbus 66

2160 AB Lisse Holland



Sally Ferguson

David Caras

Netherlands Bulb Association

Brooklyn, NY


Wendy Peleman

Area Manager

George Hogervorst


International Bulb Center

Hillegom, Netherlands

Keukenhof Bulb Garden


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