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Making a Travel Scrapbook

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Tools and Materials
Photo-mounting corner
Accordion-fold book
Sobo glue
Fabric glue (optional)

Travel Scrapbook How-To
1. Organize all the items, and decide on the book's layout. Insert items into plastic page protectors and business-card holders, and label each page of the binder. For odd-size business cards, use photo pages or even trading-card pages (available at stationery stores). If you traveled abroad, add a zipper pouch to hold any leftover currency.

2. Assemble photos and mementos, and decide on the book's layout. Affix photos with mounting corners and mementos with Sobo glue. Make a special label for the cover, and affix it to the book with fabric or Sobo glue, depending on the surface of your book's cover.


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