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Must-Have: Wooden Spoons

Everyday Food, Volume 6 October 2003

No kitchen is complete without a few of these easy-to-find, inexpensive tools. They're extremely versatile and won't scratch your nonstick pots and pans.

Why They're So Great
In addition to being safe to use on nonstick cookware, wooden spoons do not conduct heat the way metal ones do, so they stay cool when you're stirring hot sauces, soups, and stews.

Which Type to Buy
You should have at least one wooden spoon for sweets and another for savory, since wood tends to absorb the flavors of food. A flat-edged spoon is best for reaching into the corners of pans and for scrambling eggs.

What to Look For
Look for smooth edges that won't crack or splinter.

How to Clean
Wooden spoons should be washed by hand -- never in the dishwasher. Clean them as soon as possible after use, and allow to dry completely before storing.

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