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Cobweb Valentine with Jocelyn

The intricate, three-dimensional, paper-cut cards that charmed Victorian Valentine's Day celebrants serve as the enchanting inspiration for this project.

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


As stylist Jocelyn Worrall explains, although creating the card is relatively easy, it does require patience and exactitude. Upon completion, however, the card is sure to delight its recipient, who will open it up to discover a festive heart-within-a-heart design.


  • Standard 8 1/2-by-11-inch paper

  • Decorative paper

  • Card stock

  • Mat knife

  • Self-healing mat

  • Glue pen

  • Thread

  • Heart-shaped paper punches (optional)

  • Small hole punch

  • Bone folder


  1. Print out the Cobweb Heart Template on regular paper and cut it in half down the dotted line. Cut a sheet of decorative paper in half on the diagonal and fold the paper in half, right sides together. Staple a "half heart" template along each side of the fold of the decorative paper.

  2. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the center, as indicated on the template. Starting at the inner edge, cut along the lines with your knife. Observe that every other line on the template is not solid. It features breaks in the lines, which should remain uncut. Continue until all the lines are completely cut. Discard the excess paper and the staples. Open the heart to see the cobweblike effect, and fold it half again.

  3. Place a piece of scrap paper in between the outer ring. Apply glue to the outermost ring of the heart and place onto card stock. Smooth down using a bone folder and repeat the process on the other side. Cut out the card stock to match the shape of the heart.

  4. To make the interior charm, cut out two small hearts in different sizes. Cut a piece of twine about 10 inches long. Glue the twine to one side of each heart and place the other heart on top. Thread the twine through the holes at the top of the card and tie it through the center. Adjust the length of twine to fit inside the card and make a loop on the outside to pull the card open.

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