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Oilcloth Crafts: Kitchen Help and More

Martha Stewart Living, July 2002

On the Shelf
Lining shelves with oilcloth adds color to a work space -- no sewing required. Simply cut a length of fabric to fit shelf, allowing extra width for overhang. Fold and iron edge to create flap; then lay in place. We cut ours in a jagged edge, following the pattern of the cloth.

Cookbook Cover
Impervious to grease stains, oilcloth-covered cookbooks hold up to heavy use.

Drawer Liner
A sleeve of oilcloth brightens a utility drawer and is more substantial than shelf paper. A heavy cloth will stay in place on its own; attach a lighter-weight fabric with double-sided tape.

Kitchen Help
For helpful little ones, make these simple, functional aprons part of the kitchen "uniform." A wide swath of fabric, secured with picnic clips, protects the work surface. Oilcloth is sold by the yard at housewares and fabric stores, in an array of colors, patterns, and sizes.

Oilcloth Apron How-To

Oilcloth Crafts

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