Even if you forgo the full costume, you can don this tall, pointy witch hat for instant holiday spirit.

When Halloween rolls around this year, you'll have the perfect costume to wear to any bash thanks to this DIY. To complete your attire, wear this accessory fitting for the day's festivities. You can piece this witch hat craft together with just tape, scissors, and paper.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Start this craft by making a paper compass 17 inches long. Pin the compass to the hat paper (point A). Punch a hole in the compass 15 inches from the pin (point B) to guide your pencil point. Use the compass to draw a quarter to a half circle; the resulting arc should measure the same as the circumference of the head.

Step 2

If you want to make a brimmed hat, punch another hole in the paper compass 1/2 inch beyond point B to make point C, and draw another curved line beyond the existing arc; this will create a tab for attaching the brim. Draw two straight lines from point A to the ends of the arc or arcs. Also draw a 1/2 inch tab along one straight side.

Step 3

Cut out the hat. If you are adding the brim, cut slits about 1 inch apart along the length of the curved tab. Bend each resulting flap slightly upward. Apply double-sided tape to the straight tab. Roll the hat into a cone; join sides and making sure they line up.

Step 4

To make a brim, first measure the diameter of the bottom of the cone; divide this number by two to get the radius. Add a 1/2 inch to the radius and mark that length on the paper compass (point A to point B). On the hat paper, draw a circle using the radius. From the same center point, draw a larger circle 3 inches outside of the smaller circle (point C). Cut out the resulting doughnut shape, cutting straight through the brim to get to the center circle.

Step 5

To attach the brim, add small pieces of double-sided tape to the tops of each flap on the cone. Wind the brim around the cone, pressing onto the tape one flap at a time. Overlap any extra of the brim, trimming excess, and secure the seam with double-sided tape.


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