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Wizard and Witch Costumes: Witches' Hats

Even if you forgo the costume, don a tall, pointy hat for instant holiday spirit. To make the cone: Measure the circumference of your wearer's head.

Source: Halloween 2000, Volume 2000 Special Issue 2000





  • Paper

  • Scissors

  • Double-sided tape


  1. Make a paper compass 17 inches long. Pin compass to hat paper (point A). Punch a hole in compass 15 inches from pin (point B) to guide your pencil point. Use compass to draw a quarter to a half circle; the resulting arc should measure the same as the circumference of the head. If making a brimmed hat, punch another hole in paper compass 1/2 inch beyond point B to make point C, and draw another curved line beyond the existing arc; this will create a tab for attaching brim. Draw two straight lines from point A to ends of arc or arcs. Also draw a 1/2 inch tab along one straight side.

  2. Cut out hat. If adding brim, cut slits about 1 inch apart along length of curved tab. Bend each resulting flap slightly upward. Apply double-sided tape to straight tab. Roll hat into a cone; join sides, making sure they line up.

  3. To make a brim, first measure the diameter of the bottom of the cone; divide this number by 2 to get the radius. Add 1/2 inch to radius and mark that length on paper compass (point A to point B). On hat paper, draw a circle using radius. From same center point, draw a larger circle 3 inches outside the smaller circle (point C). Cut out the resulting doughnut shape, cutting straight through brim to get to the center circle.

  4. To attach the brim: Affix small pieces of double-sided tape to tops of each flap on the cone. Wind brim around cone, pressing onto tape one flap at a time. Overlap any extra brim, trimming excess, and secure seam with double-sided tape.

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