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Cookie Boxes with Satin Bows


When richly spiced cardamom cookies are pressed with wood-grain and scallop texture mats, cut into the shapes of trees and reindeer, and packaged, they create a charming woodland fantasy in each box.

To keep them fresh, sandwich the cookies between layers of waxed kraft paper. Fine wood shavings protect them from breakage. Embellish the outside of the boxes with one or several of the decorating options below, or create your own adornments.

Resources: Boxes: Small and medium premium gift in White (No. 10038820), The Container Store, 800-786-7315. Waxed kraft paper (WP1830), 18-inch-by-1,500-feet roll, from, 800-680-0859. Paper: 31-by-43-inch Japanese metallic Midare Silver and 31 1/2-by-39 3/4-inch Japanese wood grain (No. 6721; No. 6603), New York Central Art Supply, 800-950-6111. Natural fine shredded wood excelsior (FWE14), Nashville Wraps, 800-547-9727. Ribbon: 36-mm-wide double-face satin in Red and Silver (Art.1100; colors #1 and #5), 100-mm-wide double-face satin in Red (Art.1100; color No. 1), and 75-mm-wide velvet in Red (Art.2600; color No. 1), Mokuba New York, 212-869-8900. Similar Bordeaux matte-finish bakers' twine in Red/White (BBT001), $7 for 60 feet, from Raffit Ribbons, 516-333-6778


  • Wood shavings

  • Shallow gift box

  • Waxed kraft paper

  • Red twine

  • Wide satin ribbon

  • Velvet ribbon

  • Metallic card stock

  • Double-sided tape

  • Glittered faux greenery


  1. Spread wood shavings in the bottom of a shallow gift box. Wrap lid with desired paper, securing paper to underside of lid with tape. Top shavings with a sheet of waxed kraft paper.

  2. Stack 2 or 3 similarly shaped cookies, and tie with red twine. Arrange stacks of cookies in box, varying shapes and sizes. Top with another sheet of waxed kraft paper and a layer of wood shavings. Top with the lid.

  3. Option 1: Wrap a wide satin ribbon around entire box, securing it to bottom with double-sided tape. Top with a velvet ribbon that's slightly narrower, securing at back. Trace tree template onto metallic card stock, and cut out. Affix to ribbons with double-sided tape.

  4. Option 2, bottom left: Wrap a satin ribbon around front of box to back. Twist, and bring ends around to front along other sides. Tie with a classic bow. Tuck glittered faux greenery into the bow.

  5. Option 3, top right: Wrap a wide satin ribbon around front of box, securing it to bottom with double-sided tape. Wrap a narrower satin ribbon around box on top of other ribbon, and tie with a classic bow. Tuck glittered faux greenery into the bow.

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