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Gifts from the Art

Photography: Annie Schlechter

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Winter 2004


With a few craft supplies, you can turn kids' art into gifts. Commission a drawing from your little artist, or use one you've saved.

A hand-drawn decoration makes a practical gift precious. With fabric crayons, kids draw on an ironed handkerchief. Parents press with an iron to set the image (follow instructions on crayon package).

Scan drawings into the computer, and print onto shrinkable plastic film made for inkjet printers (available at craft stores). Cut out, and punch hole at top. Bake according to package directions; add hooks.

Checkbook Cover
Make bill-paying a pleasure. Using a clear checkbook sleeve (available at stationery stores) as a template, trace over artwork. Cut out, and slip picture inside sleeve.

A custom calendar is a gift you can count on. Apply peel-and-stick laminate to a picture (follow package directions). Remove a calendar from its original backing, and attach with double-sided tape.

Tote Bag
Use your children's favorite drawings to decorate canvas bags. Scan drawing, and print onto iron-on transfer paper, following the directions on the package. Cut out the design, and use an iron to fuse the image to a plain canvas bag. Or kids can draw directly on bag with fabric pens.

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