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Window Boxes

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Planting a window box is like creating an entire garden in miniature.

And because it's seasonal, not permanent, you can experiment with unusual combinations of plants.

Almost any kind of plant can spend the season in a window box -- herbs or vegetables, annual flowers or perennials, even tropicals and houseplants.

Sean Conway of Conway's Nursery in Tiverton, Rhode Island, joins Martha to discuss window boxes and how to plant them.

Window-Box Plant Tip
Window-box plants need special treatment since the potting mix can't hold moisture or nutrients as well as soil still in the ground. A water-soluble plant food added to the mix will give the plants the nourishment they need through the hot days of summer.

Plant foliage in your window box to provide a background for the showier plants and to help them stand out. Coleus is one option; although coleus is usually thought of as a shade-loving plant, there are some varieties (such as Solenostemon scutellarioides 'Purple Prince') that do well in full sun.

Petunia integrifilia 'Alba' loves the heat and sun and flowers beautifully throughout the summer. Verbena, likewise, flowers over a long period.

Once you've planted a window box, it's important to establish a regular feeding schedule for the plants.

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