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These shrunken heads, made from peeled, carved, and dried apples, are as spooky as the scariest Halloween masks -- and just as much fun to create. Martha transforms a Granny Smith apple into a truly frightening fruit; although any variety of apple will work, Granny Smiths are ideal for this project because of their round shape.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Peel and core the apple.

Step 2

Using a pencil or marker, draw facial features, including eyes, a nose, and a mouth, on the apple; be sure to draw the features large enough so they won't vanish when the apple shrinks.

Step 3

Using the outlines as your guide, carve the apple to resemble a skull.

Step 4

Combine lemon juice and salt in bowl. Soak the apple for 30 seconds. Pat dry.

Step 5

Set the apple in a warm, dry spot; after several days, the apple will shrink, and the features will distort.

Step 6

Insert a stick or branch into the bottom of the head and place it in a vase.


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