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Suspended Shelf

Houdini wasn't the only one who could work magic using a length of chain. Read on for an easy way to conjure the stylish illusion of a space-saving suspended shelf with showstopping appeal.

Source: Blueprint, January/February 2008


Resources: "Lack" shelf, 3/16-inch brass chain,


  • Drill

  • Floating shelf

  • Four 2-inch loop hooks

  • Plumb bob

  • Screw anchors

  • Decorative chain (length based on your measurements)


  1. Drill holes in the shelf's two outer corners, 1 inch in from both edges. (The holes should be slightly smaller than the screw ends of the loop hooks.) Screw a hook into each hole.

  2. Attach shelf to the wall, following the manufacturer's instructions.

  3. Dangle a plumb bob -- or a house-key tied to a length of string -- from the ceiling until the tip just touches the loop hooks in the shelf. Mark the ceiling there and drill holes for screw anchors, tapping them in with a hammer. Screw in two remaining hooks.

  4. Measure the distance from ceiling hooks to shelf hooks, and purchase (or cut) two lengths of chain to fit.

  5. Hang the lengths of chain between each pair of hooks, and step back to revel in your own sleight of hand.

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