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Hot Glue-Gun Creatures

Glowing creepy crawlers are so easy and so much fun to make: With a hot-glue gun and some neon-colored glue sticks, you can create a swarm of creatures in no time.

Source: Martha Stewart


This scary centipede can stick to any smooth surface, so you can strategically place it on the bathroom mirror or a window and scare your family!


  • Hot-glue gun

  • Hot-glue sticks in various colors

  • Waxed twine

  • Hot-glue pads


  1. Load glue gun with a glue stick. Cut several 1-inch pieces of waxed twine. Using the hot glue pad as your surface, lay as many thread pieces as you wish in curved rows. The thread will be the legs of your worm creature; the glue will be the body.

  2. Set the hot glue gun on high; it takes a few minutes to heat up. Once the gun is hot, working quickly, squeeze out a dime-size dot of hot glue in the center of each piece of string. Be sure to follow the same curved pattern of the layout. If you want to make the worm multicolored, leave adequate spacing between the dots of glue so you can repeat the process with another color.

  3. Place another hot pad directly on top of the worm. This will flatten the worm's body and legs into a unified shape. Let the creature cool for about a minute.

  4. Once the glue has cooled, peel off one of the glue pads. Peel the worm off the other glue pad.

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