Winter gives us some of the year's best citrus fruit, which is loaded with vitamin C. Enjoy gorgeous pink grapefruit during these months, when it is at its height of flavor -- and at its lowest price.

What to Look For

The heavier the fruit for its size, the juicier it is. Smooth skin often indicates a thin peel with a minimum of white pith and lots of pulp. The shape can be round or somewhat flattened on both ends.

What to Avoid

As with all citrus, grapefruit skin can be smooth or coarse (covered with tiny pits). Steer clear of fruit with coarse skin, which usually indicates that the flesh is dry, as does a puffy bump at the navel.

How to Store

Whole grapefruit keeps well at room temperature for about a week. You can also refrigerate it up to two months in the crisper.

Perk Up Your Breakfast Grapefruit

Try one of these toppings:

Honey and ground ginger or ground cinnamon

Shredded coconut

Brown sugar and lime juice

Raspberry or blackberry jam


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