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Spring Celebration Table

The Martha Stewart Show, March 2007

Follow these guidelines to create a spring-celebration-theme table that will work for several different occasions such as a birthday or a bridal shower.

When selecting flowers, stay seasonal. Hyacinth, narcissus, and daffodils are great examples of true spring flowers -- and seasonal flowers are more affordable. When making bouquets, mix different sizes and shapes of the same type of flower. When choosing flowers, be inspired by the color palate and how it fits with the rest of the theme. Little bouquets are easier and less intimidating to make. You can make it in the palm of your hand and turn it, adding onto it as you go.

Slide Box
Tools and Materials
Wrapping paper
Slide box
Double-sided tape
Colored tissue
Gift tag
Floral stems
Assorted candies

Slide Box How-To
1. Cut a 3 1/4-inch-by-6-inch strip of wrapping paper. Trim ends. Wrap the paper strip around box and with your hand, score the corners.

2. Cut a small 3-inch strip of double-sided tape and place it on each side of the box. Make sure the drawer of the box is facing up.

3. Cut 5-inch squares of contrasting colored tissue. Secure the ribbon around the box and tie your bow. Secure gift tag to ribbon.

4. Tuck in a few floral stems through center of ribbon. Open box and fold in the tissue. Place candies inside.

Tools and Materials
Invitation card
Nosegay vase
Daffodils or other spring flowers
Gift bag
Address tag

Invitation How-To
1. Using a square invitation card and envelope, follow the template from Print.

2. Complete the address tag and attach to vase with ribbon.

3. Cut daffodils and place in nosegay vase. Place invitation and nosegay vase in gift bag.

Invitation templates are available at Slide boxes and nosegay vases are also available at and other supplies can be purchased at your local crafts store.  

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