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Ruffled Table Runner

Take a closer look at all the materials that surround you -- there are nearly endless possibilities when it comes to sewing! This crepe paper runner is simple to make and has a decorative edge.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 2168


  • Sewing machine with size 80 or 90 needle

  • Craft knife

  • Paper clips

  • 2 rolls of crepe paper, the same width and length, in two colors

  • Spool of thread in coordinating color


  1. Choose a color for the bottom of the table runner and a color for the top.

  2. With the paper still rolled or folded, use a craft knife to cut 1 inch from the width of the paper you chose for the top.

  3. Roll out the bottom color crepe paper, then roll out the top color crepe paper on top of it. Center the top, slightly narrower crepe paper over the bottom. The bottom color will stick out a half inch on each side.

  4. "Pin" the top crepe paper in place using paper clips, every 12 inches or so.

  5. Sew, using a zigzag stitch, along both long edges, about 1 1/2 inchesĀ to 2 inchesĀ from the edge of the wider roll.

  6. "Ruffle" the edges of both colors. Pinch paper between thumbs and index fingers and pull outward, stretching it about an inch. Repeat along the entire edge.

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