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8 Instant Eek! Ideas

No time to create an elaborate getup for this year's October bash? Here's an appalling solution: Buy inexpensive rubber pests and attach them to your skin, clothing, or hair. It's as easy as trapping a fly in a cobweb. For the disgusting ideas shown on these pages, you can purchase materials at party-supply and seasonal Halloween stores. You'll know you're the best-dressed when partygoers swat at your head -- or better yet [evil cackle], run away in a panic.

Source: Halloween 2004, Volume 2004 Special Issue 2004





  1. Turn your head into a rodent's nest. Choose a soft, easy-to-cut rubber mouse, and slice it in half crosswise with scissors. Mold a piece of swimmer's earplug wax (available at drugstores) to each half of the mouse; then shape the wax so it will fit inside your ears, keeping the rodent halves snugly in place.

  2. These not-nice mice are simply rubber rodents transformed into barrettes. Impale the underside of each mouse with the flat side of a bobby pin, and then affix the pin to your hair. Arrange the mice on your head so they appear to be crawling in different directions. Use skin-safe adhesive to attach critters. Beforehand, clean the skin's surface, which will help keep insects from falling off. For the same reason, don't moisturize before attaching the pests, if possible.

  3. Ants that crawl in and out of human eyes are probably up to no good. Position plastic ones on your face, securing each with a dab of eyelash glue, which can be washed off with soap and water.

  4. For an awful eyeful, trap a flailing fly between lens and eyeball. Use an old pair of eyeglasses for this startling trick. Dab super-glue on the rubber insect, and attach it to the inside of one lens.

  5. Vermin-clad legs are all the rage. Affix rubber cockroaches with eyelash glue or peel-off skin adhesive squares. To remove, follow the package directions.

  6. Flesh-eating spiders love to sink their fangs into skin, leaving a nasty red swelling. Create a wound with nose putty, which is typically used by actors and makeup artists and is available at Halloween and party stores. Roll a small piece of putty into a ball, and then press onto skin, smoothing the edges so that it adheres. You may need to ask a friend for help attaching the putty. The center should be slightly raised; the sides, worked into the skin. Finish by brushing powder blush over the edges of the wax so the wound will look irritated. Place a plastic spider near the bite, using a dab of eyelash glue to adhere.

  7. Create squirming braids reminiscent of the mythological reptilian-haired woman. Buy three hair extensions and braid them. If you have long hair, separate it into ponytails and braid them, too. For short hair, just pin up ends. Wrap braids (real and extensions) into a bun; pin, and weave in small snakes. Use bobby pins to secure larger snakes that dangle: Thread a needle with wire and poke it through a snake's underside, and tie wire around a pin; slide pin into hair.

  8. Add an intimidating reptilian slither to your handshake. Choose a small rubber snake, and weave it through your fingers and over the back of your hand. Use eyelash glue or skin-adhesive squares beneath the snake to hold it in place.

  9. Invite a creepy bird to make its nest on your head and lay a few mysterious eggs. To create the nest, use a hot-glue gun to affix Spanish moss, found in crafts stores, to a cotton skullcap. Next, arrange feathers in the moss, using hot glue to secure them as necessary. Then glue on some miniature plastic quail eggs. To attach the bird, first place the hat on your head, and balance the bird on top (you may need to remove its legs for proper fit). When you're happy with the arrangement, carefully remove the hat and secure.

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