Americans spend $47 billion a year on their pets -- that's $10 billion more than they spent five years ago. Next time you hit the pet store, be sure to check out these innovative products for dogs.

The Perfect Leash

This patented leash is made of a proprietary polyurethane material that stretches to absorb shock and tension. As a dog is walked, the leash reduces the pulling and tension on both our bodies and the dog's neck and back, much like a bungee cord, to provide comfort, control, design, and durability. The leash stands up to UV rays, ozone, heat, and cold without breaking, cracking, or fraying, and can easily be cleaned with soap and water or mild household chemicals. The leashes do not absorb pet odors, mold, or mildew, and remain soft and pliable in any condition.

Buddy Beds: Orthopedic Pet Beds

The ultimate orthopedic pet bed, Buddy Beds are the dog bed for those who would do anything for the comfort of their beloved furry friends. Excellent for pets with painful hip dysplasia, stiff joints, or those who suffer from old age, this bed has two foams --support foam and memory foam. Memory foam eliminates all painful pressure points, which can cut off circulation, by reacting to your dog's body temperature and weight to conform exactly to every curve and angle. By supporting your dog's body in perfect alignment, the bed allows dogs to make 30 percent more body contact with the soft surface. Memory foam has been proven to reduce tossing and turning in humans by 90 percent -- why wouldn't it be the same for dogs? Buddy Beds has been awarded the prestigious Animal Wellness Seal of Approval, given to products they deem to meet their standards of quality and effectiveness after rigorous in-house testing.

Zoombak: GPS Pet Locator

Zoombak is an advanced GPS locator that helps you keep track of your dog in real time by attaching comfortably to your dog's collar to inform you of his or her location. The Zoombak will either send a text message or an email if your dog runs away or is stolen from the predetermined safety zone. A recent National Council on Pet Population study found that a family pet is lost every two seconds, resulting in more than 10 million pets going missing each year. With the help of technology like the Zoombak, these missing pets can be returned home.

Dirt Devil Purpose for Pets Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

This powerful cleaner has a portable extractor that cleans pets' stains and odors in the home using a scrub brush with integrated black light. Illuminating hidden stains, the Dirt Devil Purpose for Pets Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner makes cleaning your home much easier.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Martha Stewart Living technology editor Suzanne Kantra for sharing these wonderful high-tech products for dogs.


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