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Hanging-Basket Pulley

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


When you first hang your newly planted baskets, place them at eye level, where you can truly appreciate your plants. But when the baskets begin to fill out and the plants start to creep over the sides, raise them higher for a different view.

After installing pulleys into the girders of Martha's Westport pergola, style editor Tom Tamborello attaches a cleat to a supporting colonnade to anchor the nylon rope.





  • Pencil

  • Cordless drill

  • Pulleys

  • Cleat

  • Nylon rope

  • Stainless-steel chain


  1. Determine the spot you want your basket to hang from, and mark it with a pencil. Drill holes that correspond to the pulley's mounting bracket. Screw pulley into place. Using the same method, attach a second pulley at an appropriate distance.

  2. Mount the cleat at a comfortable height. If you have children, consider keeping it out of their reach. Drill holes that correspond to the cleat's screw holes, and screw to the wall or column (depending on where you hang your basket).

  3. Martha uses a nylon cord to hang her basket, but you can also use a stainless-steel chain. If you're using nylon rope, tie a few inches of stainless-steel chain to the rope using a bowline knot. Feed the other end of the rope through the pulleys. Hook hanging basket onto chain, and raise the basket to a pleasing height. Secure rope to cleat.

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