A beautiful bow and clever wrapping makes any present more special. That's the guiding philosophy behind Bell'occhio, a San Francisco shop that sells remarkable ribbons, paper, and other items for personalizing gifts. Housed in an old carriage house, Bell'occhio, which means "good eye," resembles a European general store, with its spools of vintage silk and velvet ribbons from Paris couture houses, translucent papers from Italian candy stores, and pompoms from the Peking Opera.

Owners Claudia Schwartz and Toby Hanson travel to Europe several times a year to find intriguing vintage ribbons and beguiling papers. Anything that catches their eye, from chic tulle veils to vintage postal handles for packages, is likely to wind up in the shop -- and to adorn a beautifully wrapped gift.


Ribbons, boxes, and novelty boxes are available at Bell'occhio.


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