Color is a powerful tool. It can make an impression, stir emotions, and evoke lushness, excitement, or tranquility. A keen, imaginative color palette gives everything from a single candle to a vast ballroom more impact, and it can weave the different locations and details of your wedding into a unified whole.

Inspiration for such a palette is everywhere. You might find an appealing set of colors in the window display of a favorite shop. Or you may be excited by the colors of an object or place you love; the flowers and foliage of a wisteria vine growing outside your grandmother's house might suggest a purple, brown, and chartreuse color scheme, for example. A handful of sea glass shows just how beautifully equal parts of blue and green work together. If there's one color you especially love, make it resonate by mixing its various shades, both soft and strong.

When choosing a palette for your wedding, keep in mind the colors already in place at the site where the ceremony or reception will be held, and build around them. Using one or two colors with a neutral such as white, taupe, or brown is nearly always effective. If you pick three or four colors, consider using one or two of them sparingly; intense hues make particularly striking accents. Combining more than four color families, however, can look haphazard.

The reception table is one place where all the colors of a wedding palette come together, so we used table settings to illustrate three different schemes -- each presented in two unique ways.

Your personal style expressed in distinctive colors not only decorates but defines the event. Although fleeting, your wedding day will become one of those vivid memories you treasure, indelible as the image of your grandmother's wisteria.

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November 16, 2008
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April 19, 2008
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January 3, 2008
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