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Duct Tape Wallets

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Duct tape is a World War Two-era invention that most often has utilitarian uses, but can sometimes be put to more whimsical ends. This project, which offers instructions on making a duct tape wallet, is a perfect example and just right for kids.


  • Duct tape (available in various colors)

  • Magnets


  1. Begin by cutting various lengths of duct tape; lay a piece measuring about 10- to 12-inches down on your workspace, sticky side up. Lay a second piece, measuring about half the width of the first, on top, sticky side down. Fold the sticky side over the top.

  2. Flip the two pieces over and begin layering strips of duct tape to create a sheet that measures about 3-3/4-inches by 8-1/2 inches. Repeat these steps to make two more sheets, one large and one small. The larger sheet will constitute the main wallet pocket, while the smaller will be the side pocket. Fold the smaller sheet in half so it measures approximately 3 inches.

  3. To create trim detail on the small pocket, cut a piece of duct tape slightly longer than 4 inches and cut it in half. Place the piece, sticky side up, on one edge of the 4-by-5-1/2 inch small sheet; the tape should overhang by about 1/4-inch. Fold the other side over and repeat on the opposite edge.

  4. Cut a piece of duct tape about 9-inches long. Lay the tape, sticky side up, on your workspace. Place the first sheet of tape you made on top of the tape on the table; keep about 1/2-inch showing at the bottom. Lay the main pocket piece on top of the base. Lay the folded, side pocket sheet to the right edge, making sure everything at the bottom is even. Fold the piece of tape on your table up and over the layers.

  5. Cut a piece of tape measuring 4-1/2 inches long and cut it in half, lengthwise. Lay the tape sticky side up and lay the wallet on top. Place one magnet at the center edge of the wallet and fold the tape over the edge. Repeat on the opposite side, making sure the magnet is placed in the exact corresponding spot.

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