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Silhouette Curtains

Add a spook-tacular touch to your windows for Halloween with easy-to-make silhouette curtains.

Photography: William Abranowicz

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October Fall 2000


  • Cotton-polyester fabric

  • Dark-gray housepaint

  • Chiffon


  1. Enlarge the templates onto paper using the grid method (for instructions, see below), and cut out. Trace the outline on the cotton-polyester fabric.

  2. Fill in the outline with dark-gray housepaint. Allow the paint to dry overnight.

  3. Place the chiffon over the painted fabric. Holding the chiffon and painted fabric together, fold over, and stitch the top 2 inches to create a pocket for a curtain rod. Hang curtain on window, silhouette and chiffon side facing out.

  4. When templates like the ones here require enlargement beyond the capabilities of a photocopier, use the grid method. First, decide on the size of your finished product. Next, draw a grid that size, proportionate to the grid on the original template with the same number of squares. Finally, with a pencil, draw what you see in each square of the original template onto the corresponding squares of the enlarged template.

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