Sketchy Pals


Kids love drawing and stuffed animals, so why not combine the two? With just a little artistic flair, kids can draw characters straight from their imaginations and then make them into delightful stuffed animals, aliens, or creatures from the deep.

What You'll Need


  • Plain fabric
  • Markers of crayons
  • Colored felt or fabric
  • Batting
  • Sewing kit


  1. Sketch a character on a piece of plain fabric, such as muslin, with fabric markers or crayons (follow package directions).

  2. Next, pin the drawing on a piece of colored felt or fabric (this will be the animal's back).

  3. Cut around the outline through both layers, leaving a border. Sew around edges (to hang, sew over ends of a folded length of yarn); leave an opening.

  4. Stuff with batting, and sew opening closed.

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