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Spring Flower Arrangement

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


As spring flowers bloom in your garden, bring their beautiful colors and scents indoors. Martha uses daffodils and hyacinths from her garden to create lovely seasonal arrangements.

Daffodils, which come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, are excellent for cutting. Natives of southern Europe and the Mediterranean, they tolerate full sun to semishade and grow best in well-drained soil. For her arrangement, Martha combines three types of daffodils: Narcissus 'King Alfred,' with large, clear-yellow petals; N. 'Itzim,' a charming, small daffodil that resembles a cyclamen in flower; and the white, very fragrant N. 'Thalia.' Like daffodils, hyacinths are easy to grow and long lasting, but the larger they grow, the greater the risk that heavy rainfall will topple them. Martha also combines two types of hyacinths, Hyacinthus orientalis 'Sky Jacket,' and H. 'Delft Blue,' with grape hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum) to great effect.

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