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Travel Cookout Kit

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


As any seasoned grill enthusiast will testify, cooking and eating outside immeasurably enhances the taste of the food. But if you're away from your backyard, a successful cookout requires preparation. When packing your bag or picnic basket for a cookout, be sure to include eating utensils, a corkscrew, and serving utensils such as spoons, spatulas, tongs, a marinade brush, a carving fork, a serving knife, and wooden skewers.

You'll also want to pack a small zipper pouch with small items such as matches, toothpicks, and extra resealable bags; reserve a few bags to transport salt and pepper. It's also important not to be caught without items such as a potholder, a cutting board, enamelware plates and cups, extra bowls for mixing, a serving platter, and cloth napkins, as well as a portable grill and an insulated cooler bag.

The beach bag, sunbrella cooler bag, bakelite flatware, cutting board, corkscrew, picnic knife, stainless-steel serving spoon, flexible spatula, tongs, and marinade brush are from the Catalog for Living.

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