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Faux Finish and Sealing

Martha Stewart Living, September 2008

A dry-brush faux finish, called strie, adds a vintage look to the tabletop after the stenciling is complete.

Tools and Materials
2 ounces latex paint (same as on table)
12 ounces water
Jar with lid
Paint stirrer
Two 2 1/2- to 3-inch paintbrushes
Water-based satin urethane finish

Faux Finish How-To
1. Combine latex paint and water in jar; mix well with paint stirrer.

2. Dip 1 paintbrush in the mixture, and paint across an 18- to 24-inch section (in this case, about 1/3 of the tabletop). Keep strokes parallel, overlapping them as little as possible.

3. Using second (dry) paintbrush, gently brush over the painted area in long parallel strokes to achieve the streaked effect. Dry brush with cloth between strokes.

4. Working quickly, repeat steps 2 and 3 on the remaining portions of tabletop until strie finish is complete. Let dry 3 hours.

5. To seal and protect the surface, apply water-based finish with a clean paintbrush according to manufacturer's directions. Let dry overnight or as recommended.

Templates from "Making a Mark" in the September 2008 Issue
Bedroom Pillow
Full Clock
Roman Numeral
Dotted Arc
Star-Shaped Flower
Bell-Shaped Flower
Full Curtain

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