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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween 2000, Volume 2000 Special Issue 2000

Halloween night is supposed to be scary, of course, but without posing any real danger. A few precautions can keep the holiday a safe one.

- Have children carry flashlights and loose change, in case they need to call home.

- Have children trick-or-treat in familiar neighborhoods and stay on sidewalks.

- Give your child a wristwatch that can be read in the dark.

- Set times when your child should call or come home.

- Make sure costumes don't drag on the ground

- Make sure shoes fit properly, and that eyeholes allow proper vision.

- All toy swords and other weapons should be flexible.

- Realistic-looking guns should never be carried.

- Children should approach only houses that have their lights on.

- Warn children not to eat unwrapped treats that come from strangers.

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