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Destination Bedding: Shade How-To

Photography: Eric Piasecki

Source: Blueprint, September/October 2007


  1. Remove the shade from your sconce and place it on an upside-down sheet of patterned paper (we used a high-quality art paper).

  2. Make a pencil mark on the inside of the shade to indicate your starting point, then slowly roll the shade 360 degrees while tracing its bottom edge with the pencil. The line will be slightly curved. Once you reach your starting point, roll a little bit further (the paper will overlap itself when wrapped around the shade).

  3. Repeat by returning the shade to its starting point and tracing its top edge. Cut the paper out using a utility knife, wrap it around the shade so it overlaps, and secure with a bit of glue. We also glued thin black ribbon along the top and bottom for a polished look.

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