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Must-Have: Grill Wok

Everyday Food, July/August 2003

When cooked in this practical, efficient, and affordable tool, all your food can have a delicious grilled taste.

Why It's So Great
The sloped sides and perforated surface allow you to grill small foods, such as shrimp and vegetables, that might otherwise slip through the grates. Since the wok is an efficient heat conductor, it is also great for stir-frying without adding a lot of oil.

How It's Used
Coat the wok with oil or cooking spray before each use, and preheat it on the grill before adding food. Set wok over high heat while grilling; shake often (use pot holders). The handles make it easy to toss the food during cooking for even browning; keep the grill covered as much as possible to maintain heat, and move wok to cooler part of grill to prevent burning.

How to Clean
Simply rinse the grill wok under hot water. To remove any charred bits, soak in warm, sudsy water and rub with a dishcloth.

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