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Yarn Holiday Cards

Everyone will love these festive holiday cards decorated with yarn. Use our easy templates or make your own!

Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 16 2004

Friends and relatives will yearn for these cards, which are "drawn" with colorful yarn. Only a simple outline is required; kids can either use our templates or sketch their own original designs. The color and texture of the yarn complete the picture; just glue it in place over the outline.


1. Use our templates or make your own, practicing first on scratch paper. Draw only the details you need to make the image recognizable -- the outline in some cases, interior details only in others. Print templates onto regular paper at 175 percent for a 4-by-5-inch card. Lay it in position on the card, and trace over the design with a ball-point pen, pressing firmly; the design will be indented on the heavier card below.


2. Transfer the design to 4-by-5-inch card stock glued to a slightly larger piece in a contrasting color, or lightly sketch it in pencil.


3. Cut yarn to cover all the lines, and lay in position to check the fit. Then, using a toothpick, apply craft glue to trace the drawing (or use an applicator bottle with a fine tip). Carefully place the yarn on the glue. Let dry. Write message on the back of card.

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