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Pipe Cleaner Reindeers

Photography: Howard Bjornson

Source: Martha Stewart Living


  • Pipe cleaner

  • Glue

  • Red bead


  1. Start with the head. Make a cloverleaf of loops at one end of a standard pipe cleaner (6 inches). Bend that stick at the 3 1/2-inch point to make a neck; the other half will be the back.

  2. Join another stick to the back with a twist. Position head over juncture of two sticks. Fold two 6-inch sticks in half, and twist around the torso for legs; tightly wind the remaining loose stick end up the neck. Curl another stick around a pencil, then wind the coil onto the body.

  3. For antlers, twist a 2 1/2-inch stick onto neck behind the ears; add smaller pieces to make points. Turn up the tail, bend up the feet, and play with the knees until he can stand. Glue on a red-bead nose.

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