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Beaded Jewelry

These sparkly earrings and necklaces are delicately detailed, and they're neither difficult nor time-consuming to construct. Beads and the thin ribbon or silk beading cord on which to string them come in about any color imaginable, so you can tailor the jewelry to suit the specific tastes of your giftees.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • For necklace: 20 inches of 5-mm-wide ribbon

  • For necklace: 20 inches of silk beading cord

  • Beading needle

  • Large beads

  • Sead beads

  • Clasps and connectors

  • Ribbon

  • Jingle bells

  • Liquid seam sealant


  1. To create spaces between beads, use a beading needle and 20 inches of 5-mm-wide ribbon. We flanked larger beads with seed beads to secure them. Clasps and connectors were attached to the ribbon at each end and finished with a simple knot.

  2. For a continuous strand of beads, use 20 inches of silk beading cord; attach connector to end of cord and thread through beads. At midpoint, thread 2 jingle bells -- we embellished them with a small ribbon knot -- onto strand; continue beading. Affix clasp to other end with a knot.

  3. Jingle bells are hooked onto or slid through the earring findings and adorned with a ribbon knot.

  4. To make the bead drop on the hoop earrings, use a beading needle and 5 inches of 5-mm-wide ribbon. String on a seed bead, then larger bead; switch needle to the other end of ribbon, and pass it through large bead from the bottom to lock in place. Tie onto earring hoop, and secure with a knot.

  5. For the ribbon projects, apply liquid seam sealant (available at sewing or crafts stores) to ribbon ends so they don't fray.

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