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Graduation Tassel Invitation

Inspired by the classic mortarboard, these clever invitations are sure to win high marks among graduation-party guests.

Source: Martha Stewart


The process is easy, requiring little more than card stock, ribbon, buttons, and our downloadable template. Although the template and instructions are designed for 6-by-6-inch cards, you can customize the technique to your desired dimensions.


  • Card stock

  • Paper

  • Bone folder

  • 1/8-inch satin ribbon

  • Mat knife (optional)

  • 2-inch piece of cardboard, to make tassels

  • Craft needle

  • Button (in a color that matches card)

  • Matching envelopes to match (6 by 6 inches)


  1. Download and print the tassel invitation template. Cut the paper to 6 by 18 inches. Score with a bone folder at 6 inches and 12 inches so that the card folds over to a 6-by-6-inch size. Trim with a mat knife, if needed.

  2. Make the tassel: Using the template as your guide, wrap 40 inches of satin ribbon around the cardboard about six times. Thread a 14-inch piece of ribbon with the craft needle through of top of the bundle, and tie. Tie a 6-inch piece of ribbon about 1/4 from the top of the bundle. Snip the bottom loops. Thread through a button, then pierce through the center of the card. (It's best to use a button that's somewhat flat, so it won't crack in the mail.) Secure the end of the ribbon with tape.

  3. Adhere the flap to the inside of the card, over the taped ribbon end. Print out the information on a separate sheet of paper, and adhere the paper to the inside of the card.

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