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Skate Birthday Party Favor

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 3 2002


If the skater you love is about to celebrate a birthday, throw an awesome party at a skate park.


  • 10-by-12 inch plastic shopping bags

  • Grommet tool and hammer

  • Shoelaces

  • Velcro dots

  • Hazard tape


  1. Start with 10-by-12 inch plastic shopping bags. Remove handles. Lay bag flat. Use a grommet tool and hammer to fix two grommets near bottom and one near top center, as shown. A hole punch will work, too.

  2. Thread a 1-inch-wide-by-54-inch-long shoelace through each bottom grommet. Pass both laces through the top grommet; knot all laces on inside of bag to secure. Close top with Velcro dots; edge with bright hazard tape.

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