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Making Pizza with Pino

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Pizza has existed in various forms since at least the ninth century, when different Italian regions had their own names for the basic recipe of flat bread with toppings. In Abruzzi and the port of Gaeta, it was known by the name we know it as today -- pizza -- while the Tuscans called it schiacciata and the Sicilians dubbed it sfincione.

Often considered a difficult undertaking best left to the experts, making pizza is actually quite simple, and the results are equally delicious whether topped only with mozzarella or piled high with meats and fresh vegetables.

Try chef and restaurateur Pino Luongo's recipes for Pizza Dough, Pizza Margherita, Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza, and Artichoke Pizza.

Pino Luongo's "Simply Tuscan: Recipes for a Well-Lived Life," "A Tuscan in the Kitchen: Recipes and Tales from My Home," and "Fish Talking" are available on Amazon.

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