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Favorite Gardening Tools from Barbara Damrosch

The Martha Stewart Show, February 2010

Whether you're a gardening greenhorn or an experienced plantsman, high-quality tools can help you get the job done more easily and efficiently.

Barbara Damrosch -- owner of Four Season Farm in Harborside, Maine, and author of "The Garden Primer" -- shares some of her favorite tools of the season.

Favorite Gardening Tools
Bed preparation rake: Excellent for leveling seed beds and removing debris, this rake includes a 29-inch-wide adjustable head. Learn More

Row markers: Use these plastic tubes along with the bed preparation rake to designate rows or create a grid pattern. Learn More

Right-angle trowel: This Swiss-made trowel is perfect for setting plants. Learn More

Collinear hoe: It's easy to remove small weeds with this hoe. Learn More

Long-handled wire weeder: This tool allows you to remove weeds in small spaces while standing. Learn More

Spring tine cultivator: With three spring-steel tines and a wooden handle, this classic tool is wonderful for cultivating tight spaces. Learn More

Tubtrugs: A Tubtrug is an ultra-flexible, lightweight tub that can serve as a harvesting container, storage carton, water carrier, and more. (More Info | Buy)

Highbush blueberry rake: This handy tool speeds up the harvest of high-bush blueberries. Learn More

Shock-proof rain gauge: This clear acrylic gauge is accurate to 1/10-inch rainfall or sprinkler coverage. Learn More

Trap wire compost bin: Made with ultra-durable galvanized steel trap wire, this bin features a black color that makes it an attractive and unobtrusive choice. Learn More

All tools available from Johnny's Selected Seeds.

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