Faux bois means "false wood" in French; it is a simple technique that you can use to decorate wrapping paper, dressers, and walls elegantly. Here, it turns a plain wooden serving tray into one that is beautiful and special -- and perfect for a gift.
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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Thin the oil-based paint for the wood grain so that it is 1 part mineral spirits to 2 parts paint.

Step 2

Brush a thin coat onto glass until it is completely covered.

Step 3

Drag the wood-grain tool down the glass from one end to the other in a rocking motion. Repeat process over entire surface, wiping the tool clean with a rag dampened with mineral spirits between strokes.

Step 4

Let the paint dry overnight.

Step 5

Paint over the faux-bois pattern with a contrasting color. Let the paint dry overnight; then apply a second coat, and let dry.

Step 6

Set glass into the tray.


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