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Clever Office: Hidden Space

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2008


Same-size bookcases, painted to match, are joined along one side by long piano hinges. One case is affixed to the wall; the other is set on casters to swing out and expose the workstation. A vintage latch adds an ornate touch. Opened, it's a compact, self-contained, innovative crafts or office nook. Closed, it's far more decorative than any tidied-up desk, without the slightest hint of its contents.



  • Colorful bins

  • Plywood

  • Wallpaper


  1. Clear shelf panels, made from Plexiglas, hold supplies on the swinging side steady without obscuring what's behind them. Interlocking containers ensure items stay stacked despite frequent movement. Colorful bins provide contrast to the rest of the area -- and extra storage space. Shelves on the bottom are tall enough to accommodate books, magazines, and file folders.

  2. A fold-up desktop, fashioned from plywood and painted the same shade as the case's interior, is attached with self-locking hardware. A pegboard backdrop puts all the necessary tools of the trade -- whether pliers or paper clips -- within reach. Sensor-activated, battery-powered LED lamps installed behind the molding shed light on projects.

  3. The exterior of the workspace is covered with a swatch of wallpaper framed in decorative molding, which is on display when the case is closed. An antique chair is set off to the side when not in use.

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