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Basic Craft Kit

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When making gifts or decorative items for your home, it's essential to have the right supplies accessible. The basics listed here, which should cost less than $200, offer virtually endless possibilities for craft projects. Store your kit in a toolbox, a painter's tray, or a picnic basket.

Craft Kit List
Glues, Tapes, and Adhesives
Glue gun and glue-gun sticks
Adhesive transfer tape
Double-sided tape
Scotch tape
Blue painter's tape
UHU glue stick
Crazy glue
Sobo glue

Craft Tools
Small scissors
Heavy-duty craft scissors
Pinking shears
Needle-nose pliers and wire cutters
2 or 3 basic punches
Bone folder
Emory boards
Awl (for poking holes and scribing metal)
Small spring clamps
Heavier mat knife (for cutting tougher materials like steel, veneer, cardboard, or wood)
Rubber gloves

Marking Tools
Sharpie markers
White pencil
No. 2 and No. 3 pencils
Craft sponge brushes
Extension cord


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