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Autumnal Accents

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2006


Fall leaves dance above the dinner table (and delicate golden silk cords keep them from fluttering into your soup). More leaves -- each inscribed with the name of a guest -- rest in water goblets.



  1. For the chandelier: tie the stems of two or three dried leaves along a strand of cord and affix a heavy bead to the bottom to weight it. Repeat to make several cords and carefully tie them to the chandelier.

  2. To dry leaves, lay down a sheet of newsprint, followed by paper towels.

  3. Arrange leaves on paper towels, then place a second layer of paper towels and a sheet of newsprint on top.

  4. Set stack in a phone book, and place in a dry, ventilated spot for several days.

  5. To make place cards, use a gel-ink pen -- ours had white ink, but metallic shades will also work well -- to add guests' names.

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