Lotus Napkin Fold

Also called the water lily or the artichoke, this is one of the best-known napkin folds and will be familiar to anyone who ever made a paper fortune teller as a child. Use it to present dinner napkins or to surround a roll, a party favor, or a flower.

Photo: Victor Schrager

Pale-pink napkins are often used for special occasions instead of the traditional white or cream.

Tools and Materials

  • Linen napkins

Lotus Napkin Fold How-To

1. Fold a dinner napkin in half diagonally both ways, pressing to crease; press all folds as you go. Open the napkin, and then fold all four corners to the center, creating a square.

2. Flip the napkin over, and fold the corners to meet at the center.

3. With a finger pressing down on the center of napkin, reach underneath and pull up the flap at each corner to create the lotus petals.

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