Haunted Portrait


These portraits can be found in a clip-art book and loaded from the accompanying CD.

To make large images on a small-format printer, print in segments, and tile them together.

1. Using a photo-editing program, adjust image size as needed to fit inside a frame.

2. Print onto photo-quality paper. (If printing in segments, crop image so segments overlap slightly. Align, trim as needed with a craft knife on a cutting mat, and secure overlaps with double-sided tape.)

3. Cut out eyes, fangs, or other desired elements.

4. Affix altered portrait to fluorescent-orange poster board using spray adhesive.

5. Trim board to fit inside frame.

6. Using the directions in "Glowing Cups and Candlesticks," left, coat frame with white primer spray paint and fluorescent-orange spray paint.

7. Insert portrait inside frame, and hang.


Portraits from Carol Belanger Grafton, 120 Portrait Paintings, book and CD-ROM (Dover Publications; 2007), $19.95, from Barnes & Noble.

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