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Thanksgiving Children's Table

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


You won't hear one complaint from the children's table this year when you decorate it with a silhouette tablecloth. Complete the festive table with a tasty napkin ring. Fill a cellophane bag with a treat the kids can snack on before dinner or on the car ride home, such as dried cranberries, nuts, or raisins. Close the bag with a piece of twine and tie the bag around the folded napkin.


  • Kraft paper

  • Small plate

  • Scissors

  • Pinking shears

  • White pencil

  • Black construction paper

  • Glue stick


  1. You'll need two large pieces of brown kraft paper to make the tablecloth, one to run the length of the table and one to run across it. There should be an overhang of about 7 inches on all sides.

  2. Use a small plate to trace a scallop design around the edges of the paper. Using scissors, cut out the design. You can also use pinking shears for a different design.

  3. Using a white pencil, trace several Thanksgiving shapes onto black construction paper. You can use our silhouette templates, or create your own. Cut them out.

  4. Use a glue stick to attach the silhouettes to the scalloped edges of the kraft paper. Be sure to position the shapes so they will hang right-side up.


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