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Felt Beads, Velvet Cherries and Crab Apples

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2006


These felt beads and velvet cherries make excellent one-of-a-kind holiday ornaments.

Resources: Cherry pom-poms and velvet leaves are available at Martha Stewart everyday garlands are available at Kmart.


  • Felt

  • Fabric glue

  • Thin wire

  • Ribbon

  • Pom-pom cherries

  • Scissors

  • Martha Stewart Everyday crab apple garland

  • Velvet wired leaves


  1. Make a 24-inch-long triangle with a 3-inch base out of felt.

  2. Roll from base, forming a bead.

  3. Glue down point with fabric glue.

  4. Use a folded piece of thin wire to thread ribbon through bead.

  5. Download cherry leaf template. Trace on felt. Cut out shapes.

  6. Wrap pom-pom cherry stems around middle of pair of leaves.

  7. Tie leaves around cherry stem.

  8. Cut pom-poms from Martha Stewart Everyday garland, leaving garland threads attached to "cranberries."

  9. Unravel threads and tie white strings into knot, to make a hanging hook.

  10. Twist velvet wired leaves onto base of cranberry. Hang ornaments on tree.

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