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Amy Jaffe Barzach: Boundless Playgrounds

People say that Amy Jaffe Barzach knows both tragedy and triumph. When faced with the death of her son, Jonathan, she channeled her grief into a living memorial. 

"Inspired by Jonathan, who would have had a disability if he'd had a chance to grow up, and a little girl in a wheelchair I'd seen sadly watching everyone else play on a playground she couldn't get to or on, I marshaled an army of volunteers to create one of the first inclusive playgrounds," Amy says.

Always passionate about making sure everyone was included, Amy started to dream of a world where everyone was welcomed and empowered to contribute. After Time magazine published a small piece on Jonathan's memorial playground, people across America called, asking how they could do the same for children of all abilities in their communities. "This led me to establish a nonprofit dedicated to this cause with a passionate team of parents and professionals," says Amy. 

Boundless Playgrounds is now known as the first national nonprofit dedicated to helping communities create extraordinary playgrounds where children, with and without disabilities, can play and learn together. 

After turning the leadership of Boundless Playgrounds over to its CEO and Board in September, Amy continues to support the cause as its Founder and Director Emeritus. Her new dream is helping communities realize the power and the potential of inclusion, and how it benefits everyone. She's doing this through national leadership roles such as chairing the Inclusive Fitness Coalition's Inclusive Play Workgroup. Amy is also helping people and organizations find their passion, achieve success, and make a difference through speaking engagements and programs. Today, there are 142 Boundless playgrounds in 26 states, with dozens more in development.

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