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Homemade Baby Food Basics

Martha Stewart Baby, Volume 1 Special Issue 2000

As a parent, you know you need to select your baby's food wisely. But even though more and more brands are turning up in the stores, the very best food you can serve your baby is still the kind you prepare yourself. Here's why:

When you make your own baby food, you're the one choosing the ingredients (if ever there was a time to buy organic, this is it). Babies don't need sweeteners, fillers, or artificial anything -- just fresh, healthy food.

Baby food can be prepared in large batches and frozen in single-serving containers, so the food is ready when you are.

It's important to babies, and fresh vegetable and fruit purees are beautiful and vibrant.

Combinations taste wonderful -- plum pear, squash apple, green-pea chicken -- and you'll find ones to satisfy even the most finicky eater.

Do You Know? 
An 8-month-old may think a spoon is really a toy, so hands are the best utensils.


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