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Glittered Bird Cards


Create a whole flock of these charming cards to keep on hand or give as a gift set.

Resources: Most of the materials used can be purchased from Martha Stewart Crafts, available at Michaels.


  • 12-inch-by-12-inch classic botanical paper pad

  • Swan craftstock

  • Glittered bird stickers

  • Cool colors classic ribbon pack

  • Double-sided tissue tape

  • Precision craft scissors

  • Bone folder


  1. Cut out cards to desired size from swan craftstock, folding crease with bone folder.

  2. Cut two pieces of complementary patterned paper to fit the front half of card. One should be slightly smaller than the other in height. Adhere with larger piece on top, smaller piece on the bottom.

  3. Cut a length of ribbon to cover the seam between the two patterned papers across the front, and overlap the ends inside the card. Adhere with double-sided tape.

  4. Adhere glittered bird sticker to front of card.

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